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Senior-Friendly Activities for Your Fourth of July Celebration

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No Fourth of July celebration is complete without the whole family. However, while it can be an enjoyable and a wonderful time for everyone else, for your aging loved one, this can be difficult. The loud sounds from the fireworks display, the summer heat, and the general bustle from the celebration can be too much for them.

Thus, as a provider of adult daycare in Woodside, New York, we at Partners in Aging, LLC have prepared several senior-friendly activity ideas that are ideal for your elderly loved ones.

We perform various activities in our adult day care center, and we have been doing these for quite a while already. Before doing these exercises, we consult professionals before doing them.

Here are some senior-friendly activities your loved ones can enjoy in our facility:

  • Backyard Cookout.
    The backyard cookout is a Fourth of July classic and although you can’t expect your senior loved one to actively participate in it, everyone’s presence is enough to boost their mood. Just be sure to prepare them a senior-friendly meal and/or a healthy version of their favorite meal to make it more festive.
  • Making house decorations.
    Flags? Paper wreaths? Stars and stripes decor? Making these arts and crafts is simple and is beneficial to your senior loved one’s mental health.
  • Playing card games.
    Or any game for that matter! These are perfect for when the celebration starts to die down.

All these said, we understand that any social and/or family event can be so busy—especially if you have younger children around—that you may not be able to attend to your senior loved one, so if you find yourself with hands full, don’t hesitate to call on our personal care in New York to help you out!

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