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How to Make Mealtimes Fund for Seniors

How to Make Mealtimes Fund for Seniors

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” technique in making mealtimes enjoyable for elderly loved ones, it wouldn’t hurt to try. Let’s face it, most seniors tend to be picky with their food for various reasons. Whether you are someone caring for an aging relative or a caregiver working in an adult day care center, you have most likely had experiences when your seniors refuse to eat their meal.

Partners in Aging, LLC is here to give you a great tip that caregivers can use to make meals more enticing for their patients. The great part here is, you won’t be sacrificing your loved one’s health in the process. Take a look:

The technique here is to turn meal preparations into a group project! Get your patient involved in selecting the ingredients for their meals. Let them pick and choose their veggies, fruits, and even smoothies. However, don’t forget to work closely with their physicians. This is something our caregivers do in our adult day care in Woodside, New York.

We have to make sure that the ingredients they want to be added don’t have undesirable side-effects.

Another brilliant thing about this technique is that you can negotiate with your loved one. If one or more ingredients is a “no-go” for the physicians, you can swap it with something else that they’ll like.

It sounds like a lot of work, but you won’t have to do this alone. Take advantage of our personal care in New York so our caregivers can assist you with your elderly’s daily needs.

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