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How to Keep Seniors Healthy and Safe During Quarantine

How to Keep Seniors Healthy and Safe During Quarantine

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues in parts of the world, many people are anxious about the health of their elderly loved ones and wonder how they can be of help. Whether you enroll your loved ones in an Adult Day Care in Woodside, New York, or any health centers, as a primary caregiver, it is still important for you to understand the importance of keeping them safe amidst the pandemic.

Keep in mind that seniors have frail bodies. That means they are twice as likely as others to contract a serious form of COVID-19. But enrolling them in an Adult Day Care Center and entrusting their health to the professionals can also help you lessen your worries.

With that said, even caregivers who are responsible for providing seniors with Personal Care in New York are advising family members to take precautionary measures before interacting with their elderly loved ones. Besides practicing the washing of hands, staying at home, social distancing, and disinfecting the surroundings, here are some other ways you can help your loved ones stay healthy and safe:

  • Physical and Mental Activities.
    Encourage your elderly loved ones to engage in indoor light exercises or chores and mind games to help them boost their physical and mental state of well-being.
  • Eat Right.
    While it is tempting to binge eat while sitting on a couch and watching your favorite movie, seniors are advised to continue to eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

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