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How Seniors Can Stay Heart-Healthy in Their Golden Years

How Seniors Can Stay Heart-Healthy in Their Golden Years

As you age, it’s more vital than ever to keep your body healthy, especially your heart. Seniors are more prone to heart diseases if they neglect to take care of their well-being as they reach their golden years.

That’s why you must practice heart-healthy habits to prevent the risk of any heart conditions in the future. Being an adult day care center in New York, we’ve aided numerous seniors in maintaining or improving their health.

With that, we’ve come up with tips that you can incorporate into your life, so you can boost your heart health:

  • Do Some Physical Activity Regularly.
    It’s better if you consult your doctor what type of exercise may suit your condition. But if possible, make it your goal to get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. You can ask a friend, family member, or even a caregiver to accompany you in your exercise sessions.
  • Follow a Heart-Healthy Diet.
    We suggest that you prepare meals that are low in trans and saturated fats, sugar, and salt. Always make fruits and vegetables a part of your meal plan, as well as food that is high in fiber.
  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Smoking.
    These are the banes of aging that you need to stay away from. Smoking can damage your artery walls, while alcohol can raise your blood pressure.

Should you need a reliable caregiver to assist you during the day while your loved ones are on errands, at work, or in school, you can stay at Partners in Aging, LLC, an adult day care in Woodside, New York.

We provide a wide range of care services, including personal care in New York. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

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