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Nurturing Your Loved Ones

Our Mission Statement

To enable the population to access a seamless and dynamic system of services that promote well-being and embody the values of dignity and choice.

Our Vision Statement

To empower adults to be active, healthy, and participative members of their communities.


  • Holistic Care
  • Diversity
  • Advocacy

Partners in Aging, LLC provides holistic care to adults regardless of their ethnicity, race, education, sexual orientation, education and financial capabilities. We treat them as members of our family by supporting their aging process and respecting their dignity, individuality, and independence.

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About Partners in Aging, LLC

Partners in Aging, LLC was established by three Registered Nurses. As we are active members of the healthcare delivery system to several demographics of healthcare recipients, we have decided to integrate our wide knowledge, experience, and skills to the adults under our care. We are bounded by the values of care, compassion, courage, integrity, responsibility, and honesty—values that were instilled to us by our families. Their guidance, wisdom, and love inspired us to make a difference in our community.

Caring for your adult loved ones can be a challenging full-time responsibility; therefore, let us be of assistance. Our social adult day care in Woodside, New York began with the purpose of meeting the individual needs of your senior or disabled loved ones. When you allow Partners in Aging, LLC to take care of your loved ones, you, the primary caregiver, will be able to have the ability to work, do errands, or simply have the peace of mind that they are being well taken care of.

Service Areas Covered

We serve the Northwestern and Central part of Queens, New York.

For more information about our adult day care center, don’t hesitate to contact us.